About-India tour operator

Ruby Holidays is a government recognized online travel agency, solely established in order to provide touring facilities in the historical and religious places of India to the guest that are interested to visit and acquire knowledge about India and Indian people, the company thinks its first and foremost duty and responsibility to try to make the stay in Indian exciting and memorable with the confidential and reliable service that the company provides, it arranges other many more tourist services along with hotel resection, trekking and white water rafting as per the requests and needs of guests.

The main aim of Ruby Holidays is to orient guests to visit India and require information about India and Indian people as it is full of various things to see and know about being very small in size, it aims:

• To encourage foreigners to visit India and know about various aspects of India and Indian people through  various median as well as direct person to person contact.
• To provide various tourists facilities in accordance to the choices and needs of guests.
• To provide various tourist in India in opening job opportunities by providing unique, confidential and reliable services to the guests that visit India with the purpose to make the stay at India exciting and memorable thereby uplifting national economy; and
• To conduct tours without letting cause bio-degradation in promoting eco-tourism.

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